Written by Rose Posted in Weight Loss on Monday, 16 April 2018.

Yes, put your scale in the trunk of your car or just throw it out altogether. The scale, while at times can be motivating, it can also play some serious mind games which can definitely slow down your results.

The scale tells you one thing…your weight. That’s all.

You have so many other Non-Scale Victories (NSV’s) that will tell the real truth of your progress. Let’s start with how your clothes are fitting – yes, that’s the first thing you will notice. Your energy level, your food journal, blood pressure, blood sugar…these are all ways to track your success.

But then, we still rely on that one number on the scale. That number that is so sensitive to water weight which is controlled by any change in medication, timing of food, timing of bowel movements, timing of urination, and that menstrual cycle. It is nearly impossible to be consistent in these things so how can we expect the scale to be accurate every day?

So if you are a “day weigher” and you get up every morning to look at the one number, take your home scale and put it in a place that you won’t see it. And with that, you have released the stress of making that number move on your command.

“But wait, coach…I promise I won’t stress over it if it doesn’t move?”

Not true. But lets talk about stress…

You can literally stop or slow down your weight loss and it have absolutely nothing to do with the food you’re eating. When stress levels are high, physical changes happen to your body. For one, your body goes into that “flight or fight mode” of survival. It is protecting you, holding on to water and fat and focussing on getting you out of this stressful situation, not digesting your food properly.

Two, when you are stressed out, cortisol levels are increased. Cortisol has several roles and one is to block the release of leptin (that’s the hormone that tells you to stop eating, you’re satisfied). You do NOT want that leptin blocked…when it is, you will over eat and never feel satisfied.

Still not giving up that scale?

I challenge you to do it for a month. Focus on doing the best you can to stay on plan and have a good attitude about it, finding pride in those NSV’s. Your coach will give you a weekly body composition analysis, take measurements and review your food journal.

Focus on being the healthiest you can be, the weight loss will simply be a side effect.