We are a team of certified health coaches that teach clients how to lose fat, spare muscle mass, and curb those sugar cravings.  Our mission is to provide tools to help you achieve a healthy body fat and then maintain the healthy lifestyle.

We have multiple services to help you Feed Your Health! At IMPACT Weight Management we consider Healthy Living a Lifestyle and we are here to coach you to achieve your goals. We provide education and guidance so that our clients just don’t lose the weight, but feel great doing it and have the behaviors to keep it off, forever. We offer maintenance programs through our Membership Wellness Workshops to help you stay focused and maintain your weight loss and good health.

We provide in person coaching at our office and also Virtual Coaching! View some of the Transformations of clients that we have helped on their journey to healthy living.

Fill out our ONLINE FORM, this information will help us know your interests. We will contact you within 24 hours to set up a Complimentary Discovery Call:

  • An IWM Health Coach will have a 15-minute Discovery Call with you.  In this conversation, we will listen to your goals, give you an overview of our program and expectations, explain the pricing, and see if this program is in line with your health goals.

Get Started Appointment:

  • Your Get Started Appointment will last about an hour and a half. During this time, your coach will give you a full health assessment from your Fit3D and review your Health and Wellness Profile .  After listening to your goals, your coach will make a recommendation for a plan. We will review the costs and other important details and give your everything you need to get started! After the initial appointment, we will likely schedule to see you weekly until you have reached your goals. At that time, we may start to space out the appointments more as we feel comfortable for your success.

Call: 352-327-4120 or Contact Us Online Today!


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