We believe an educated client is our best client! The more you know about diet and wellness and the many tools available for your use, the easier it will be for you to reach your goals and maintain your health and weight for years to into the future.

Join us for all our Member Events! Unless otherwise noted, all workshops are held at our office.
Seating is limited, so register by calling us at 352-327-4120 or Registering Online on our Contact Us Page.


  • Burger Night at the Bistro – Join us for a fun event of feeding your health, both with education and an awesome phase 1 meal.   For just $7, your meal will include a Local Grassfed Burger (with a lettuce bun, of course) and phase 1 vegetables.  Education from our local farmer about how to select clean meats and what all the labels really mean.  Feel free to bring your family too and they’re welcome to order whatever they want off the menu.  Space is limited so please make sure you sign up quick.  Contact your coach for more details.  Location:  Offsite at the Haile Village Bistro:  5323 SW 91st Terrace, 32608
  • Grocery School – An IWM-Certified Health Coach will give you an hour-long tour of what to buy, and what NOT to buy while grocery shopping.  This is packed with tons of tips to improve your health and  your wallet!  This guided tour will help alleviate shopping anxiety and motivate you to shop better.  OFFSITE LOCATION:  Trader Joe’s.  COST:  $30.  Non-members are welcome to join us too.
  • Shop Your Shape at Talbots –  The IWM team and Talbots are excited to be able to offer you a workshop to learn the tips and tools to dress best for your figure followed by a fun night of finding clothes and styles specifically for you with the help of the professionals!  Did I mention that there will also be a 25% discount for purchases made that night?  We hope that you will join us for a fun ladies night out at Talbots!  OFFSITE LOCATION:  TALBOTS
  • Maintenance Workshop *Holiday Edition:  This workshop will be geared towards our phase 4 “maintenance” clients and how to navigate the parties and events that come up this time of year.  We are excited to help you understand how to stabilize your new weight (even though the holidays!) and recognize which habits were temporally restricted and which ones are permanent lifestyle changes.  Light snacks and drinks will be served, so please be sure to reserve your seat.