What are your hours?
While we do typically work by appointment only, we are happy to help you outside of your appointment time (or if you don’t need an appointment at all).  We try to accommodate all schedules and have appointment times as early as 8:30am and as late as 6pm.  We are also open on Saturdays from 9am – 12pm for shopping, Lipomelt and Fit3D scans.  Just give us a call and we will be happy to help serve you.  352-327-4120

What are your prices?
The total cost of our program would depend on your goals and the plan that we choose for you. Our Coaching fee is $349 and covers all of your appointments for one year plus all of your scans using our Fit3D Body Analysis machine.  After the first year, the coaching fee is $149 per year.

What’s your return policy?
There are no refunds of services or products.  We do have a “trade box” in which clients will often exchange, non-expired and non-damaged single products.

What’s your cancellation policy?
Time has been specifically reserved for your coaching appointment, consultation or follow-up. Please contact your coach at least 24 hours ahead of time if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment. There is a $25 charge if you fail to show up for a scheduled appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice.

Virtual Coaching
Whether you live around the corner or across the country, we want to be able to provide quality health coaching to help you reach AND maintain your healthy body fat percentage. If you are considering our virtual program, this information below should help you decide if this is a good fit for your goals. 

At IWM, we believe that we can have great success coaching virtually and we have had many success stories for years! After all, the clinic owner (and her husband) both first did the program virtually. The results were so life-changing that they opened up a local clinic. There are, however, a few things to be considered when doing the program with this design. It is our goal to make sure clients receive the same service virtually as they would in-office so expect that we will need you to submit your Steps to Success Log prior to your appointment and be available weekly for Zoom, FaceTime or phone calls.  We look forward to seeing you online soon!

How Do I Start?
Click CONTACT US and fill out our online form.