Posted in Maintenance on Monday, 14 May 2018.

I have a confession to make…

I hated the all-natural deodorant the first time I used it.

In September of 2013, I found a lump.  I called the doctor to see when I should be “concerned” and she replied that she would get me in as soon as she can, THAT DAY.  That’s when I realized that this could be serious.

I have read a lot about what causes cancer cells to grow, how our beautiful bodies can actually create environments that cancer loves.  And while some would argue that I’ve read too much or that I go to the extreme, I did promise myself that I would at least TRY simple things that could only make me healthier.  No-risk type of attempts.  Of course, this is things like not smoking, eating lots of whole foods and mostly plants.  Wearing a hat in the sun and avoiding chemicals and toxins in my food.  But in this vow to make easy changes also came the notion of the dreaded all-natural deodorant.  This is where it got a little “extreme” for me.  The only problem, was that I knew some basic things in my head – not from an article I had read, just common sense.

I knew that sweating was a normal reaction and also that it didn’t sound like a good idea to be clogging my sweat glands with chemicals to try and stop the sweating.  I also definitely knew that my sweat glands are close to my breast tissue…hmmmmm….and also to other important glands.  There was just something wrong with putting toxins in my sweat glands.  Oh, and I also knew that I sweat A LOT – like A LOT.

But, I had tried all-natural deodorants in the past and they were sticky and didn’t work, so I was prepared to just go without it.  A little stink and lots of sweat would be considered a small thing to me, right?  That lasted two days.  Couldn’t do it.

And then I had that friend – the one that is a triathlete and also sweats heavily – make her Facebook post about something called pit paste.  Immediate message sent her way and she told me she had a friend that is a cross-fit instructor and making deodorant in her home for her family.  I decided I would give this little homemade deodorant a try (mainly because I was not in the mood to try and make it myself…that would be a last-resort).

It shows up in a jar.  Okay, that’s weird.  You want me to actually touch my armpits?  But is it really that weird to touch your armpits after a shower?  So I scooped out this paste and applied it to my armpits.  What I loved about it was that it actually wasn’t sticky all day like the other stuff I had found.  But it still didn’t seem to work.  In fact, I might have started sweating more.  I wasn’t going back to chemicals so I just kept on reading about how I was actually detoxing…from 30 years of clogging my sweat glands with who knows what!  At one point, I even broke out in a painful rash.  But again, this was considered normal.  I used witch hazel wipes and just pushed on.

And slowly I started to notice that my regular daily sweating was pretty much gone.  No more sticky pits throughout the day.  I was convinced it was “winter” but once that one week of winter was over (yes, that’s all we get here in Florida) I was still holding strong.  About 6 months into it, I actually FORGOT to put any deodorant on.  Normally, I would’ve found the nearest CVS and bought antiperspirant  to hold me throughout the day, but I didn’t even realize it until the end of the day.  I went all day, no deodorant and didn’t even realize it?  This was all too weird for me.  Was I actually changing my body chemistry?

Those people that really know me know that if I LOVE something, then I automatically want to share it with everyone.  So I called Primal Pit Paste and decided to sell it to my clients.  Since my original purchase, this small company has taken off and is now rated highly by health care professionals.  It has been amazing watching them grow and help so many people like me, while still staying all-natural!

I use my primal products daily.  I love ALL of their products and I TRUST this company.  Do I still sweat?  Yes…that’s normal.  But I actually really only sweat when I’m exercising oppose to all day long.  Who knew that it wasn’t normal to sweat all day long????

It’s been four years now that we’ve been proudly selling the Primal Pit Paste products.  We have many clients that have also made the change and we’ve also been able to help people push through the normal “detox” phase and not just give up and switch back to harmful toxins.  We talk to so many people about this subject that you could almost call us experts “pit detox experts”.  Not working at first…normal.  Rash….normal.  And then it works…normal as well!  So here’s the thing, why not give it a try?  Why not make one small change in your life that could truly big a BIG change?  There’s no risk in trying, but don’t give up!  That’s what I’m here to tell you…never give up trying to make healthy changes!  And P.S.  – they do sell it in a stick, but I LOVE the jar version 🙂