Monday, 13 August 2018.

“I’m addicted to food.”  We hear this self-diagnosis all the time, like it’s almost accepted in society.  But really, are you addicted to FOOD?

Follow me for a moment…the processed food industry has studied us down to a science.  They are well aware of exactly the correct formula of salt, sugar and fat to put into their products to create fireworks in your brain and cause you to overeat.  In addition to the brain reaction, they also know how to package products in larger quantities so that you will eat far beyond the regular serving size (i.e. many “grab” items will be 4 servings per bag).  They know things like pairing up greasy food with sodas will cause you to eat more.  They understand that leptin is a critical hormone that tells your body when to stop eating.  And they also know which chemicals will block the release of leptin.  Don’t be fooled, the big companies know EXACTLY what they are doing and they are making big dollars while our country is becoming more and more addicted to their chemicals.

So let me ask you this:  What type of foods do you tend to overeat and indulge in?  Do you binge on things like broccoli, asparagus, apples, bananas, chicken, fish, eggs?  Or is it something like chips, cookies, chicken wings, french fries, bread, pasta or crackers?  When I ask this question, never has someone said: “I binged on asparagus” (or any vegetable for that matter).

Typically, the answer is that they are binging on processed foods, making us not addicted to FOOD, but addicted to CHEMICALS.  Don’t let the food industry trick you into thinking you have an addiction problem when it’s something they’ve created.  Stop blaming yourself, and start blaming the industry.  And after you’ve placed responsibility on the industry, make it a mission that you will take more control of every little thing that you feed your body (both inside and out).