Written by Rose Gleichowski, Posted in Nutrition on Monday, 2 April 2018.

Traveling doesn’t mean that you have to derail from your protocol and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to gain weight!  Whatever your goals are, we can help you accomplish those and still enjoy your trip!

Step 1:  DECIDE before it happens.  Ask yourself if this is a business trip or a vacation. All too often the business trips are confused as vacations.  Business trips should be just that…business.  It is not a time to go off your regular food plan.  Vacations, on the other hand, may be slightly different.  You have a choice when it comes to a vacation.  You can either choose to stay right on track and enjoy the vacation for other non-food related reasons (family time, relaxation, sightseeing, etc).  Or, you may choose to deviate from your regular protocol.  That choice is up to you, but talk to your coach about it because this should still be done with intention.  Meaning, just because you choose to eat some foods that would not be on your plan, it doesn’t mean that the entire vacation has to be a tornado of bad food.

Special Note Here:  “I stayed perfectly on phase 1 through the vacation and am so wishing I would’ve cheated!” said NO ONE EVER!  In the end, those that choose to stay on protocol with a good attitude and planning always report back how good they feel that they did!

Step 2:  PLAN your trip.  Regardless of what you decided in step 1, the planning is still important.  Check out what restaurants you’ll be going to or find local markets and stores that are close by so that you can prepare yourself to still make good choices.  Take a look at menus and read reviews of restaurants.  It’s always a bonus when you find really good phase 1 food on vacation…yep, I still remember finding jicama tacos!

If you’re on a business trip and your food is prepared for you (like at a conference where they provide the hotel food), you can request to see the menu ahead of time and most places are very accommodating to those on a restricted plan.  In fact, chefs often enjoy creating some special food items for their guests.  Go ahead…put on your food snob status…you’ll have the best food in the conference and everyone will be jealous.  Heck, that just might get you the promotion you were going for.  There’s nothing worse than cheating on something like crappy bagels when you would have just as much enjoyed a protein shake.

Other tips for planning:

  • You can bring food on a plane!  So packing baggies of fresh veggies to chomp on so that you can easily pass up those Delta cookies is smart.  Snow peas, jicama sticks, cucumbers, celery or any other raw veggies should be standard.
  • You can bring food in Disney (and most theme parks) – no need to waste your money on that low-grade food…the cost of admission is enough!  Pack a lunch and go eat it on Tom Sawyer Island…I guarantee that you’ll be happy you did!
  • Ideal Protein packets should be on all carry-ons, they pack flat and will come in handy for that time you’re stuck in an airport or even on the runway.  All you need is a bottled water and you can make a quick and filling shake.
  • Call the hotel to ask about a fridge, microwave or hot water.  You can easily make the IP oatmeal or even the mug cake right in your own hotel room and save yourself money while eating on plan!
  • And for the record, the vanilla crispy square out does those Delta cookies any day.

Step 3:  FOLLOW THROUGH.  This step is easy to do once step one and two are complete.  It will feel empowering and like you have made intentional and well-thought out choices.  This is the fun part!

Step 4:  Be HAPPY with your decision.  Whatever your choice may be, either staying on protocol or deciding to deviate…there is no guilt associated with it and definitely no grumpy attitudes allowed.  If you decided to barrel right on through and not miss a beat on phase 1, change your thoughts from “I can’t have that” to “I don’t want that” and be proud about your decisions.  Those of you that have been on phase 1 for a while know that you can enjoy this style of eating.

If you chose to deviate with your plan, stop beating yourself up with guilt.  You chose this route and with proper planning you will only be pausing your progress (not going backwards).  When you get back in town, it’s time to meet right back up with your coach and decide exactly what the post-traveling plans should be.

Safe travels everyone!