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You’re not alone in your search for a better, healthier life! The coaches at IMPACT Weight Management are here to help.

We’re on a mission: To help our clients and our community live healthier, happier lives. The more you know about diet and wellness facts, the easier it will be for you to reach your goals and maintain your health and weight for years into the future.

These educational workshops are offered at NO COST to you, and are a great way to discover more about us while learning useful tools to help you in your journey. You’ll learn how to read a food label, the top myths about ketogenic diets, why “dieting” is a dirty word, and much more

Seating is limited, send a text msg to 352-327-4120 or Register Online to reserve your space today, and get ready to have fun while getting serious about your body!

Attend a FREE Wellness Workshop! Come and learn, with no-obligation or pressure to commit to our program.